Martial-Arts Actioner 'Wu Xia' Lands International Presales

Peter Ho-Sun Chan's film scored seven-digit presales to Singapore and Malaysia and also sold to Indonesia.

Peter Ho-Sun Chan's martial arts action mystery Wu Xia, now shooting in China with Donnie Yen, Takeshi Kaneshiro and Tang Wei, scored seven-digit presales to Singapore and Malaysia and also sold to Indonesia, We Distribution said at the American Film Market.

Luxuries Resources bought Chan's $20 million period film for Singapore and Malaysia, and PT Teguh Bakti bought the film for Indonesia, We said Wednesday.

Wu Xia marks Chan's return to the director's chair after producing last year's Teddy Chen hit, Bodyguards and Assassins. Chan last directed the Chinese box office hit The Warlords in 2007.

Wu Xia stars Yen (Ip Man) Kaneshiro (Red Cliff) and Tang (Lust Caution) currently are on set with Chan in remote Yunnan province in southwest China, near the border with Burma.

Yen plays a man with a past -- and wicked kung fu skills -- sought by a detective, played by Kaneshiro. Tang plays Yen's wife.

Also starring as the villain is veteran actor Jimmy Wang Yu, best known for his role in Chang Cheh's One Armed Swordsman. Wu Xia will be Wang's first onscreen appearance in 17 years.

At AFM, We Distribution also has the Chan-produced action-fantasy-comedy Mr. & Mrs. Incredible, directed by Vincent Kok and starring Sandra Ng and Louis Koo. That film will be released in Asia during the Lunar New Year period in late January-early February 2011.