Martin Sheen Backs Medicare in New Democratic Campaign Spot (Video)


The "West Wing" actor packs a lot of facts in a video defending the health service from Republican cuts.

You would be forgiven if you confused this spot for a clip from a TV show.

After all, Martin Sheen's Jed Bartlet stood up for and expanded Medicare in The West Wing, and in this new video, he's making a rapid-fire appeal to save the program again. This time, though, the drama in Washington is real, not just Emmy material on NBC.

Sheen features in a new ad for the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, praising President Obama's economic stewardship and slamming a proposed Republican budget that would slash spending on the senior citizens' health program.

"In this crisis, the same Republicans in Congress who obstructed Mr. Obama every step on the road back now want to end Medicare, eliminate it all together," Sheen says. "And what is their goal? Simply to sacrifice Medicare in order to give tax cuts to give special interests. That is not the America I was raised to love."

Sheen has made his admiration for Obama clear before; back in October, he took to task a Hollywood that had grown mildly critical of the President.

“You’re talking about a very special man. I adore him, and I think he’s doing a great job," he told CNN's Joy Behar.

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