Marvel guides superhero to 'Light' soap


Marvel Comics has partnered with CBS' daytime soap "Guiding Light" to produce an episode in which a character is zapped by an electrical current and becomes infused with superpowers, including the ability to levitate and to conduct electricity. The episode, set to air Nov. 1, involves the show's Harley Davidson Cooper character, played by Beth Ehlers. As part of the pact, Marvel will produce an eight-page insert for some of its top comic titles that involves Marvel characters descending on "Light's" fictional town of Springfield to determine whether the new superhero is friend or foe. "Joining forces with Marvel is such a natural fit for us because comic books and soap operas have so much in common," said "Guiding Light" head writer David Kreizman, citing the long-running story lines and larger-than-life situations found in both mediums.