Marvel's 'A.K.A. Jessica Jones' Creator on Shooting in NYC: "Dog Poop Was Everywhere" (Guest Column)

Illustration by: Jacqui Oakley

Melissa Rosenberg, an L.A. resident and showrunner on Netflix's upcoming series, learns what "Storm of the Century" means as she shoots in the Big Apple and battles slush, hypothermia and animal excrement.

This story first appeared in the April 24 issue of The Hollywood Reporter magazine. 

Recently we were getting ready to shoot, and the  "Storm of the Century" was announced and everything was shut down. We were all locked down in our hotel rooms — and then it wasn't the Storm of the Century. So after that, we powered through every storm. Our cast and crew weathered many exterior overnights on the mean streets, in a process trailer making loops around Times Square at 5 a.m., to bring the most authentically New York, badass show to life.

We were on 38th and Ninth filming a massive multicar stunt, and the crew had to break up ice sheets so we could shoot. There are hand warmers and feet warmers, and a good trick is to double up on the feet ones so you make a sandwich with your toes as the filling — it's better than nothing. Most of our crew was decked in goose down. Our craft-service team made lots of hot soup. Layers of long underwear and jumping in place stave off hypothermia. Great boots are essential because with city slush, you never know if you're stepping onto pavement or a giant puddle. Also, when we shot in Queens for a couple of scenes, dog poop was everywhere.