Marvel's 'Guardians of the Galaxy' Director Draws Heat for Controversial Superhero Article

James Gunn Headshot - P 2012
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James Gunn Headshot - P 2012

UDPATED: Slurs and graphic descriptions of sex acts are littered throughout "The 50 Superheroes You Most Want to Have Sex With," which has recently disappeared from James Gunn's personal website.

A blog post written by James Gunn -- the filmmaker handpicked by Disney-owned Marvel Studios to rewrite and direct its upcoming superhero blockbuster Guardians of the Galaxy -- has been removed from the Internet amid building outrage over comments in it perceived to be sexist and homophobic.

Posted originally to, Gunn's official website, on Feb. 17, 2011, the story titled "The 50 Superheroes You Most Want to Have Sex With: 2nd Annual Poll Results" has since gone missing from the site but continues to exist on Google cache.

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The list was voted upon by Twitter and Facebook users -- Gunn thanks The Office star Rainn Wilson for getting the word out via's the actor's Twitter page -- with each entry receiving a short, graphic blurb.

Gunn targets several of the male superheroes on the list with homophobic language and slurs, calling No. 5, X-Men's Gambit, a "Cajun fruit," before graphically describing a sex act he would perform on the character to satisfy a girlfriend's fantasy -- but the thought "makes me sick to my stomach."

Of Iron Man alter ego Tony Stark, Gunn writes, "I'd ask him … to lose the current prison pussy and go back to the 'stache." Elektra, Marvel's ninja assassin, he hopes "will give you a really terrific, Ninja-trained blow job." He writes of X-Men's Kitty Pryde, "I wanted to anally do her," and of 15-year-old X-Men character X-23, "after you fictionally f--- her, fictional police are going to arrest you and put you in fictional jail for being a very real pedophile." 

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He says he hopes for a Marvel-DC crossover so that Tony Stark "can 'turn' " lesbian character Batwoman straight, then says she "could also have sex with Nightwing and probably still be technically considered a lesbian." Nightwing is the superhero alter ego adopted by Dick Grayson after he abandons his Robin guise.

About The Flash, Gunn writes that many of the votes came from gay men. "I have no idea why this is," Gunn writes. "But I do know if I was going to get f---ed in the butt, I too would want it to be by someone who would get it over with quick."

The post has drawn harsh criticism online., a website devoted to "girl geek culture," has railed against the list, lambasting Gunn for "slut-shaming (on only the female characters) and anti-gay language that Gunn directs towards the majority of the male characters." Elsewhere, a petition on to have Gunn removed from Guardians of the Galaxy has gathered 3,100 signatures and counting.

Marvel Studios had no comment. Attempts to reach Gunn were not immediately answered.

UPDATE: A second Gunn-authored post, "The 15 Superheroes I Most Want to Have Sex With," published one week after the first had gone up, has also been taken down. A version still resides on Google cache.


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