Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen Launch Dry Shampoo

MaryKate and Ashley Olsen - P 2015
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MaryKate and Ashley Olsen - P 2015

The Olsens' hair is a little more attainable thanks to a new addition to their Elizabeth and James Nirvana line.

Is there anything Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen don’t have their well-manicured hands in? Not only are the CFDA Womenswear Designer of the Year winners queens of couture with their label The Row, but they also run seemingly dozens of other labels, invest in businesses like Pressed Juicery and even own a hair and body line, Elizabeth and James Nirvana.

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The latest addition to Elizabeth and James Nirvana is naturally a product every fashionista keeps on hand at all times: dry shampoo. But the Olsens’ dry shampoo is no basic dry shampoo. Nor is there anything basic about its price, at $28. The shampoo comes in two sprays — one white, one black — that not only renew your hair and eliminate excess oil but leave you smelling amazing, too.

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The same scents used in their other fragrant products are part of these formulas to ensure that even while your hair may be dirty, it won’t smell like it. Nirvana White channels a garden in springtime, while Nirvana Black carries notes of sandalwood, violet and vanilla.

And while the dry shampoo is Olsen-approved, the product doesn't come with the promise that regular usage will make your tresses mimic theirs. After all, the girls have famed hair stylist Mark Townsend on their side and you, most likely, do not.