Mary Pickford film series set

Library of Congress celebrates centennial of actress

Celebrating the centennial of actress Mary Pickford, the Library of Congress is co-hosting a series of classic films in which she stars in theaters around the country through December.

On Saturday, three films will play at San Francisco's Castro Theatre as part of the San Francisco Silent Film Festival: "They Would Elope," "Getting Even" and "The Trick That Failed."

On Sunday, three Pickford films -- "Elope," "Trick" and "Sparrows" -- will screen at the Alex Theater in Glendale, Ca. Co-sponsors include the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County, Glendale Arts and the Alex Film Society.

"Mary Pickford has been called the 'Founding Mother of Hollywood,' because she was so instrumental in establishing the early film industry in that part of California," Library film historian Christel Schmidt said. "She was a shrewd businesswoman, and not only worked wisely to earn a spectacular salary for her acting, but also chose business partners -- her husband Douglas Fairbanks Sr., Charlie Chaplin and D.W. Griffith -- whose clout and talent made United Artists a household name for decades."