Mary Steenburgen books TV, film roles

Set to co-star in CBS pilot 'Happiness,' movie 'Morgans'

Mary Steenburgen has lined up a pair of high-profile projects, one each for the big and small screen.

Steenburgen is set to star opposite Jason Biggs and Richard Dreyfuss on Mitch Hurwitz's CBS comedy pilot "Happiness Isn't Everything" and opposite Hugh Grant and Sarah Jessica Parker in Marc Lawrence's romantic comedy "Did You Hear About the Morgans?"

Both projects are produced by Sony.

"Happiness," from Sony TV, Tantamount and CBS Par, revolves around adult siblings (Biggs, Ben Schwartz) and their parents (Dreyfuss, Steenburgen) who are overly involved in one another's lives. The mom Audrey is described as "pully" to the dad's "pushy" and unbelievably sensitive.

Castle Rock/Columbia Pictures' "Morgans" stars Parker and Grant as an estranged high-powered New York couple who witness a murder and are placed in a witness-protection program in a small Wyoming town.

Sam Elliott plays a local undercover marshal who shelters the couple. Steenburgen will play his sweet but no-nonsense, gun-toting wife, who takes a liking to their guests and hopes that they stay together.

Steenburgen, recently seen in "Four Christmases," is repped by Gersh and Management 360.