'M*A*S*H' First Episode: THR's 1972 Review

MASH Season 1 Still - H 2015
Courtesy Everett Collection

On Sept. 17, 1972, two years after its movie adaptation, the M*A*S*H team leaped to the small screen during the 8 p.m. hour on CBS. The Hollywood Reporter's original review is below.

If you liked the movie … you’ll like the series. They’re all there — “Hawkeye,” “Trapper John,” “Hot Lips,” “Major Burns,” “Radar,” and the whole gang from Korea.

The same absurd attitude that prevailed in the movie is in the series, and it should have a fine run. Gene Reynolds produced and directed from a script by Larry [Gelbart]. Alan Alda stars as Hawkeye, and he is very good. This show, as a whole, is not as well cast as it could be, but that shouldn’t impede the overall success.

McLean Stevenson is funny as Colonel Blake, and Gary Burghoff as Radar, is also good. Loretta Swit as Hot Lips and Wayne Rogers as Alda’s co-star both seem weak. Karen Philipp as “Lt. Dish” is fine.

It was a fast-paced show and will be a nice lead-in to Sandy Duncan. — Sue Cameron

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