Masiela Lusha lights up Illuminary

New production company from 'George Lopez' co-star

Masiela Lusha, who played daughter Carmen on the ABC sitcom "The George Lopez Show," has formed a production company dubbed Illuminary Pictures, which already is developing four films and a TV project.

Nick LoPiccolo has been named as president of marketing and production of the company, which has been meeting with studios and networks about the five projects.

The plan is for Lusha to star in the TV project as well as three of the films. The TV project, "Sweet Caroline," is a multicamera comedy written by Jim Hope, writer-producer on "George Lopez," which centers on an executive on his third divorce who moves in with his only daughter (Lusha), from his first marriage.

On the film side, Lusha would star in "On, Cupid," a Christmas family comedy written by Mark Onspaugh that centers on Santa's only daughter, Holly (Lusha), who turns 21,204 in elf years; "Angel Hair," directed by Patrick Tatopoulos, which is the story of a German Jewish beauty (Lusha) with white hair who finds herself fighting to survive deep within the bowels of the Ravensbruch concentration camp during World War II; and "Yellow Rose of Savona," a Cinderella story written by Anna Pernicci that revolves around sacrifice, loss of innocence, love, war and betrayal in Mussolini's Italy.

The other film is "Graf," the story of the first and biggest of the Zeppelins, more than two football fields in length. It centers on Dr. Hugo Eckener, the ship's captain, who believes he's going to change the world with the love of an aristocratic woman. It was written by Michael Roman Rosales and Peter Loffredo.

All of the films are budgeted at $25 million-plus.

Lusha is repped by Beverly Strong of Anonymous Content.
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