'The Masked Singer' Showrunner Inks Development Deal With Studio Lambert

The Masked Singer-The Penguin - Publicity Still-H 2019
Michael Becker/FOX

Izzie Pick Ibarra will work with the All3-based production company on new unscripted TV content.

Studio Lambert, the All3-backed production company, has unveiled a development deal with Izzie Pick Ibarra, the showrunner and executive producer of Fox's The Masked Singer.

Pick Ibarra, as an unscripted TV veteran, has served as a development consultant and producer for NBCUniversal and UTV, as an executive vp for Ryan Seacrest Productions and as a senior vp for BBC Worldwide.

"Izzie is a huge talent in our industry and her enormous success this year with The Masked Singer confirms she knows how to turn a good idea into a mega hit,” UK-based Studio Lambert CEO Stephen Lambert said in a statement.

Pick Ibarra will work closely with Jack Burgess, who runs Studio Lambert's Los Angeles office, and creative director Tim Harcourt.

“I have so many ideas I’m passionate about, which is why I’m so excited to have found a brilliant place to grow my ideas into hit shows," Pick Ibarra said in her own statement.

Studio Lambert is currently producing the reality series The Circle for Netflix, the new game show The Hustler for ABC with Craig Ferguson and the 10th season of Undercover Boss for CBS.