Massachusetts Tax Credits Used to Cover Stars' Salaries

Actors earning more than $1 million salaries received nearly 25 percent of the total film tax credit funds doled out by Massachusetts in 2009.

Eighty-two million dollars of the $330 million in eligible monies helped cover the salaries of non-resident actors, according to an Associated Press review of a Department of Revenue report.

The report said more than $42 million went to wages of local workers; supporters believe that the tax credits are intended to provide that exact kind of economic boost to the region.

Joe Maiella, president of Massachusetts Production Coalition, told AP, "What we consider most important about the film tax credit is its long-term results, including the jobs created not only within the film industry but in local businesses."

Critics say the tax breaks were not intended to pad the pocketbooks of Hollywood's high-earning stars.

The Fighter, The Social Network and The Town were among the films made in the state in 2009.