Mastering Your Instagram on Oscar Night

Instagram - Phone -Getty-H 2019

Show your friends how awesome your life really is with our guide to making your Oscar night Instagram pictures perfect.

You know what they say, if it's not on Instagram, it didn't really happen. And that especially rings true for Oscar night, where stalkers, er, loved ones, will expect to see a selfie in the bathroom mirror at the Dolby and a plate shot of your Governors Ball tortellini. Unless you want your following to think you stayed home.

But actually making sure that iPhone snap of Bradley Cooper photo bombing Tommy Lee Jones looks decent is another story. So we consulted our own THR photo team to find out how to create an Oscar night Instafeed that will make your experience appear perfect. And probably make more than one person jealous along the way. Score.


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1. Don't use the Kelvin filter. It's ugly and turns everyone and everything an unfortunate shade of mystery meat.

2. Don't try too hard. The fun of Instagram is that it's supposed to be a glorified phone pic, not an Annie Leibovitz glamour shot that you took on your D60 and uploaded to your phone.

3. Don't post too many selfies. We get it — you got a blowout and the Pilates you started so your arms would look good in that killer dress took hold. But we'd rather see who and what you're seeing at the Oscars, instead of seeing just you in a bathroom mirror.

4. Do take photos with the phone pointed a little bit above your eye line, lower your chin and tilt your head to one side just so. You'll look thinner. If you're taking photos of someone else, tell them to do the same. They'll thank you.

5. Don't post unflattering pictures of your friends. Bad Instagram karma lingers.

6. Do take shots of behind-the-scenes stuff regular people would never see -- think any special touches on the dinner table, a cool centerpiece and the inside of the theater. Show your following what it looks like from the red carpet with images of a celeb's great shoes or a close-up of their hairstyle. Get creative, but make sure followers can tell what they're looking at.

7. Do find out what's in any swag bags, if only so your friends can come over and pilfer.

8. Do make sure to tag the person in the picture if they have Instagram, too. And hashtag the party you're at to gain new followers along the way. Example #Oscars2013 makes your picture -- and account -- discoverable to Academy Awards enthusiasts across the globe. 

9. Do follow @HollywoodReporter, stat.