Match picks up 'Kinatay' for int'l

Mendoza film is director's second Cannes competition film

HONG KONG--German sales outfit The Match Factory has picked up international sales rights to Cannes competition film "Kinatay," by Filipino director Brillante Mendoza.

The picture is the story of a criminology student who becomes trapped in a life of crime after he agrees to a little job -- that involves killing a woman.

The film was produced by Mendoza's own Centerstage company and France's Swift Productions. Match Factory is handling all rights outside The Philippines and France.

The film is Mendoza's second in competition in Cannes after last year's "Serbis" ("Service").

It was presented at the recent HAF project finance market in Hong Kong and was previously titled both "Chop Chop" and "The Execution of P."

"The narrative perspective is sociological. It reinforces the power of the super structure, albeit the structure is operating on the other side of the law. Characterization is behavioral and spontaneous. The characters react instinctively and in real time," Mendoza said in a statement.