Matt Dallas, Charlie Bewley and Friends Look to Crowd-Fund Soldier's Story

Astoria Entertainment

The "Kyle XY" and "Twilight" actors, along with "White Chicks" star Steven Grayhm, have turned to Kickstarter to finance the film "Thunder Road," which follows a veteran's assimilation back into civilian life after serving in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Matt Dallas, Charlie Bewley and Steven Grayhm are the latest Hollywood team turning to Kickstarter to help fund an upcoming project.

As the heads of Astoria Entertainment, the trio -- best known for roles in Kyle XY, The Twilight Saga and White Chicks, respectively -- are following similar crowd-funded passion projects initiated by such filmmakers as Spike Lee and Zach Braff as well as Veronica Mars creator Rob Thomas.

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Their campaign, which launches today, aims to raise $750,000 for Thunder Road, an independent film following one soldier’s assimilation back into civilian life after serving in Iraq and Afghanistan. Called an “epic war drama” on its Kickstarter page, the film will follow a screenplay written by Grayhm, who will also star alongside Dallas and Bewley.

“There are 23 million veterans in the USA and over 5 million in the UK -- millions more in the remaining allied forced worldwide. That’s an audience who wants their story told,” Bewley said.

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Hours into their 42-day funding period, 49 backers pledged $6,400 toward the project.

The team also plans on a simultaneous nationwide campaign involving national and regional media to help draw attention to Thunder Road. In addition, they have partnered with to offer customized coins as incentive for the first 1,000 who contribute. News and progress can be tracked on their Facebook page.

Astoria’s Kickstarter campaign expires on September 12.