Matt Damon Invokes Pinocchio in "Box of Lies" With Jimmy Fallon

Matt Damon Box of Lies — H 2016

Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump and Justin Bieber in a bathtub together? That's just one of the bizarre descriptions offered in the latest installment of the 'Tonight Show' game.

Jimmy Fallon was nervous going into a game of "Box of Lies" with Jason Bourne star Matt Damon on Wednesday night's Tonight Show.

Damon went first, pulling out a bonsai tree with tiny gnomes circling around it. "It's a slinky with some kind of phallic symbol on it," said Damon. He kept going with the lie, saying it's actually a nose on a slinky and interpreting it to mean it's a "Pinocchio slinky," or in other words, "a lying slinky."

Fallon wasn't having it and told Damon he thought he was lying. "It's a bonsai tree full of gnomes," admitted the actor.

When Fallon selected a box, it held a clear pig figurine full of shrimp. He told Damon it was a miniature hot tub paperweight with Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump and either Justin Bieber or Luke Skywalker, in the middle. Damon called Fallon out on the Bieber or Skywalker mix-up and he changed it to "Mark Hamill," the actor who played Luke Skywalker. Shockingly, Damon bought it.

Fallon looked positively gleeful as he held up his shrimp-filled pig. "That was excellent," Damon said as Fallon excitedly responded, "That was a great lie, right?"

"I figured your producers might put Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump and Justin Bieber in a bathtub together," Damon said. "Yeah, that's what I thought too!" Fallon exclaimed. "That's the game I won!"