Matt Damon Claims He's the Father of Jimmy Kimmel's Baby in Fake 'Maury' Segment

“I’m the father, Jimmy. The truth will set you free,” said Damon.

Matt Damon fanned the flames of his fake feud with Jimmy Kimmel on Tuesday, interrupting Kimmel's wife's (Molly McNearney) 28-week ultrasound to say he was their unborn child's father.

"Nothing could ruin this moment," Kimmel said into his handheld video camera as he addresses his child and talks about how special the day has been. On cue, Damon walks in with his own video camera and teddy bear, apologizing for being late. 

A confused Kimmel asks Damon what he's doing, and Damon informs him that he's the father of the baby.

"You promised me you were going to stop f—ing my girlfriends," said Kimmel. "I did — she is not your girlfriend," adds Damon.

Damon suggests letting the baby decide, telling the unborn child he or she has a choice of fathers: "One daddy could be an Emmy loser; other daddy could be an Oscar winner."

The feuding enemies took their argument to a fake Maury segment titled, "The Unborn Identity." Damon assertively says, "I'm the father, Jimmy. The truth will set you free."

But the paternity results come as a shock as a surprise guest comes out and claims paternal rights.

"How could either of you satisfy me when all you really want is each other," asks McNearney, who is co-head writer for Jimmy Kimmel Live!. Watch the drama unfold below.