Matt Damon Interrupts Chris Hemsworth's Interview with Jimmy Kimmel

The appearance marks the latest installment in the actor and host's ongoing mock feud.

Matt Damon crashed Chris Hemsworth’s interview during a surprise appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live! Tuesday night.

Hemsworth said he brought his Thor: Ragnarok co-star Mark Ruffalo and director Taika Waititi with him to the show. When Kimmel cut to the green room to see Ruffalo and Waititi, Damon sneaked into their shot.

Immediately trying to have the camera ignore Damon, Kimmel yelled, “It’s the mighty Thor, not the mighty bore!” Kimmel then explained to Ruffalo and Waititi that Damon isn’t allowed to go into his show’s guest room, for he has his own room to stay in. “They have snacks in here,” Damon tells the camera.

While Ruffalo and Waititi continue to discuss the film, Damon reappeared, telling Kimmel, “I’m on the show! This is what movie actors look like right here. We didn’t ride Adam Carolla's coattails," a jab directed at the late-night host. 

Kimmel soon cuts the camera, leading Hemsworth to say he “did not invite [Matt Damon].” “I mean I’m friends with him, but I feel sorry for him," Hemsworth explained. "He has nothing. I saw a friend in need and decided to extend the handshake."

When Kimmel asked whether he went on vacations with Damon, Hemsworth emphasized that it wasn't his choice. “Well he turned up at my house in Australia, uninvited,” Hemsworth joked to the late-night host. Hemsworth explained that Damon also brings along his kids, which he doesn’t mind because he “prefers them better.”

Damon then appeared on the green screen onstage behind Kimmel saying, “I hacked into the system! I’ve been here a really long time, Jimmy … decades. … I’ve learned a lot of stuff.”

Kimmel then yells for the actor to return backstage to eat the potatoes they left for him, leaving Damon to pretend to take a bite out of Kimmel from behind.

“Put up the emergency screen saver,” Kimmel instructed his crew, as an image of Damon and Michael Douglas in Behind the Candelabra appeared.

The comedy bit marks the latest installment in the mock feud existing between Kimmel and Damon, which has lasted for more than a decade.

Damon did not comment on Harvey Weinstein during his Kimmel appearance, even though the actor has appeared in several of Weinstein's films, including Good Will Hunting, Chasing Amy, Dogma, The Brothers Grimm and Rounders.