Emmys: Watch Matt Damon Mercilessly Mock Jimmy Kimmel's Emmy Loss

"This is so humuiliating. You lost and now you gotta stand out here for the rest of the night," said Damon.

After Last Week Tonight won best variety talk series at the Emmys, Matt Damon came out on stage carrying an apple to rub Jimmy Kimmel's loss in his face.

"I missed that last category, did you win?" he asked with a straight face.

After Kimmel confirmed to his faux rival that yes, he did in fact lose, Damon called it a "bummer," saying "it makes a lot of sense" that Kimmel lost but that the late-night host must be "really bummed out" nonetheless.

"You're not going to get a trophy?" asked Damon. "No, I don't get a trophy. Are you finished?" said an exasperated Kimmel.

Damon was not finished. He asked who won, and when he found out it was John Oliver, he said that he had Oliver in his Emmy pool. 

"This is so humiliating," said Damon, ignoring Kimmel's request to leave. "You lost and now you gotta stand out here for the rest of the night when you probably want to just go home, curl up and cry."

The actor asked the crowd to cheer Kimmel because he's such a big loser. Then he hugged Kimmel, saying he felt sorry for him.

"Tell your mom, I like them apples," Damon said as he walked offstage.

"Good one, Jason Bourne," retorted Kimmel. "Let's take a commercial, I need to go throw up."