Emmys 2016: Matt LeBlanc Tells Emilia Clarke He Needs to Watch 'Game of Thrones' to See Her Naked

Emilia Clarke responded to the comment with class.

Matt LeBlanc made an uncomfortable comment in an E! red carpet interview at the Emmys on Sunday. 

The actor and Emilia Clarke were each being interviewed separately when E! patched the two of them in on a split screen and had them talk to each other. Clarke had a fan girl moment with LeBlanc when they were on The Graham Norton Show together a few months ago and she posted a picture of them together on social media. 

Clarke said she was "definitely the fan" in the situation, and then LeBlanc was asked if he watches Game of Thrones

"I saw the first season and I kind of fell out of touch with it," responded LeBlanc, "And I guess that's when she started getting naked — so I need to catch up."

When the camera eventually went back to Clarke she responded gracefully, saying she wasn't really sure that LeBlanc ever watched Game of Thrones (she was naked many times in season one) and joking about Joey never getting naked on Friends.