Matt Zoller Seitz Named Editor of

Matt Zoller Seitz

Chosen by Roger Ebert himself to maintain the legacy of the celebrated film critic, Seitz pledges the site will "go on being what it has always been" but has plans to "change things up, too."

Matt Zoller Seitz has been named the new editor-in-chief of

The announcement was made by Chaz Ebert, widow of famed film critic Roger Ebert, in a letter to readers posted on Tuesday. Ebert died in April at age 70 after a prolonged battle with thyroid cancer.

"What Roger and I found refreshing about Matt is his ability to spot and encourage talent in other journalists, critics and video essayists," Chaz writes. "He mentored them with a benevolent style that helped to bring out the best in what they did. Sound like someone we know? ... Matt’s motivated and entrepreneurial spirit is something we admired and wanted to bring to Today we welcome him."

Seitz, 44, will continue in his role as TV critic for New York magazine and, where he has worked since January 2012. Before that, he was a TV critic at Salon. His writing has appeared in The New York Times, The Dallas Observer, New York Press and elsewhere. The Brooklyn-based father of two will remain on the East Coast while he oversees the Chicago-based site.

In an introductory post, Seitz pledges that "will go on being what it has always been: a nexus point for movie love and appreciation," but he also pledges to "change things up, too."