Mattel Introduces Hot Wheels Version of Tesla

Hot Wheels Tesla Model S - P 2015
Courtesy of Hot Wheels

Hot Wheels Tesla Model S - P 2015

Designed in cooperation with Tesla, the miniature version of the Model S P85D sells for $1.09.

The status of Tesla's Model S as a cultural icon is now secure: Mattel has introduced a Hot Wheels version of the game-changing electric sedan.

The 1/64-scale Model S P85D is painted metallic silver, sports red-trimmed tires and a rear spoiler and costs $1.09 (versus the more than $100,000 fetched by a loaded full-size Model S).

Tesla Motors' director of product design, Javier Verdura, worked closely on the scale model with Mattel designer Ryu Asada. “It was great, Tesla designers got to be toy designers for a day," Mattel spokesman Bret Ingraham told Fortune.

The Model S miniature is actually the second Tesla to be enshrined as a Hot Wheels car — in 2008, Mattel produced a scale model of Tesla’s first car, the discontinued Roadster, which is now a collectors' item selling for as much as $50.

A long-gestating Hot Wheels movie — a co-production between Legendary Pictures and Mattel, with writer Jordan Roberts (Big Hero 6) and producers Thomas Tull (The Dark Knight Rises) and Jon Jashni (The Hangover) on board — is scheduled for release in 2018, according to Imdb.