Matthew McConaughey and Jimmy Fallon Perform Scenes Written by Children in 'Tonight Show's' "Kid Theater"

They concluded their readings with a "golden bean" dance.

To promote Matthew McConaughey's upcoming film Gold, Jimmy Fallon invited the actor to read scenes written by elementary school children. The only prompt the children were given is that the scripts had to be about gold.

In the first scene, written by a nine-year-old named Metz, McConaughey plays a man named Matthew and Fallon plays Bob. "I stole your gold just a few minutes ago," Matthew tells Bob. "I also stole your pants."

Bob starts crying. "Wait, I had no pants on this whole time?" Fallon's Bob asks, as the host tries to stifle his laughter.

The second reading (by Leo, nine) had Fallon and McConaughey using similar funny voices, with McConaughey's rich and lonely duck character intermittently quacking and raising one fake wing as he spoke.

In the finale, written by 10-year-old Nolan, McConaughey and Fallon played Darold and Harold Nugget and they burst out into a joyful "golden bean" dance. Watch the two men laugh and act below.