SXSW 2012: Matthew McConaughey Moves Back to Texas

Matthew McConaughey and Camila Alves SXSW P 2012

At the Texas Film Hall of Fame event, the actor announced that his family had returned to his home state.

Goodbye, Malibu. Howdy, Texas!

Matthew McConaughey appeared at the Texas Film Hall of Fame event in Austin, Texas, with some good news to share with the crowd.

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On Thursday, the actor took the stage at the event honoring the state’s filmmakers and actors and announced that he and his family had recently moved back to Texas.

“No one recognizes you and no one asks you, ‘Hey, what do you do?,’ because I don’t think anyone cares,” McConaughey said onstage. “Fridays show up sooner here. You want to get along in Austin, you want to get along in Texas, all you have to do is be yourself.”

McConaughey, his fiancé, Camila Alves, their two children and Alves’ mother moved back to Texas four months ago.  

“My mother-in-law from Brazil has traveled around the world and we’ve lived in Los Angeles and New York,” McConaughey said on Thursday. “She says to me the other day, ‘In L.A., people will walk on your back and stand on your shoulders to get where they are going, in New York, they will just pull out a gun and tell you they will kill you. Here in Texas, everybody walks together.’ I think that is a compliment, Austin.”

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McConaughey is a Texas native, growing up in the West Texas town of Uvalde, and attending the University of Texas in Austin.

On Saturday, McConaughey and his fiancé attended the premiere of Killer Joe at the South By Southwest Festival. William Friedkin’s thriller follows a 22-year old drug dealer (Hirsch) who hires a killer (McConaughey) to off his mother to cash in on her life insurance policy.