Matthew McConaughey: My Mom Lied to Me About Being Little Mr. Texas


"My first two trophies are runner-up and plagiarism"

Matthew McConaughey was on a roll on Thursday while promoting Interstellar on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. He played Facebreakers with Fallon and shared two funny anecdotes about his mom lying to him and helping him plagiarize when he was younger.

The first story McConaughey told, centered around the actor thinking — for three decades — that he had won Little Mr. Texas when he was 8 years old. McConaughey revealed that six years ago, he zoomed in on a photo of himself with the trophy, and saw it read, "Runner-up, Little Mr. Texas." He proceeded to question his mother about this discrepancy, and the resulting conversation was hilarious.

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That's not all. McConaughey's mom also helped him win a poetry contest by using plagiarism. "Do you understand the poem? Do you like the poem? Then it's yours," recited McConaughey, recalling his mother's words. Watch his clips below.

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