Matthew McConaughey Has Been Hitting the Gel, Hard

Matthew Kevin Kit hair - Split 2015

Matthew Kevin Kit hair - Split 2015

And he’s not the only actor at the SAG Awards with a slicked-back mane.

Judging by a handful of leading men at the SAG Awards, the wet look is in. Matthew McConaughey led the pack of guys whose hairstyles seemed aided by plenty of gel. Slicked straight back and super shiny, McConaughey’s curls were kept in check with the help of a solid dose of product. 

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Kevin Costner, who reportedly styles his own hair, also relied on something strong with hold to keep his hair smoothed up and back. Adrien Brody and Colin Farrell both went super sleek, with their hair combed to almost reflective perfection. 

Product also undoubtedly kept Kit Harington, Bryan Cranston and Mario Lopez’s lush heads nice and polished, even as their natural hair texture came out.