Maurice Sendak's Death Prompts Outpouring of Twitter Mourning

Maurice Sendak - H 2012
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Maurice Sendak - H 2012

With the news that the famed children's book author and illustrator passed away, writers and Hollywood stars were quick to express their sadness.

Maurice Sendak wrote and illustrated the childhoods of generations of kids, and as word spread early Tuesday that he had passed, the grateful children, now all grown up, wrote their own tributes and thank yous. With twitter as the most instantly available forum, the messages came in 140-character forlorn.

The staff of McSweeney's, the quarterly magazine and website founded by Dave Eggers, who wrote the novelization of Sendak's famed Where the Wild Things Are, tweeted, "We'll be roaring our terrible roars today. RIP, Maurice Sendak."

Children's and young adult author Judy Blume was devastated, writing, "Maurice Sendak has died. I cannot put into words what I am feeling, what he and his work meant to me."

Andrew Stanton, the director of Wall-E, Up and John Carter, wrote, "'And it was still hot.' The end. RIP Mr. Sendak."

Questlove, drummer for The Roots, was in disbelief: "ahhh man! Maurice Sendak passed!?!?!? i was wondering why Where The Wild Things Are was trending. man!!!!!! this is a hurt piece."

Popular YA author and YouTube vlogger John Green chimed in, "Maurice Sendak taught me and millions of others that it was no sin to be a child."

Green's friend and fellow YA writer Maureen Johnson added, "Just joining in on the many messages that have said the sad words: RIP Maurice Sendak. You, sir, were awesome."

From rapper Talib Kweli, "Maurice Sendak. Thank you for your contributions to my imagination. Rest in Peace."

New York Senator Chuck Schumer, clearly a fan, offered, "Maurice Sendak, Bklyn treasure & the original 'Wild Thing'-please don’t go, we’ll eat you up we love you so! Thanks for the Wild Rumpus."

YA author Adrienne Kress wrote, "Wow. Maurice Sendak has passed. He will be sorely missed :(," while fellow young adult novelist Melissa Wiley wrote, "When our first baby was born, we hung Wild Things prints in her room. We're crushed Mr. Sendak has died. We ate him up, we loved him so."