Mavise to put Euro TV on tap


A database containing surveys of more than 2,500 European broadcasters will be launched in Cannes on April 9.

Dubbed "Mavise," the database has been compiled by the European Audiovisual Observatory, which said it expects the findings to expand to 5,000 TV companies and channels within a few months.

"It will be the biggest data collection operation ever carried out concerning the European television sector," the EAO said. "It aims to provide the TV industry, institutional decisionmakers and the general public with all the information they need about developments affecting the European market for television even more regularly and efficiently than before."

The European Commission — the EU's executive body — tasked the EAO to set up the database last year, after officials had complained that EU audiovisual regulation was being complicated by a poor understanding of the sector.

The Mavise database — which covers the EU's 27 countries as well as applicant nations Croatia and Turkey — aims to shed light on the industry and eventually ensure that the laws governing it remain relevant.

A freely accessible part of the database will cover key data about the channels themselves including their technical means of broadcast, audience shares and management structures. Commercial subscribers will be able to access more detailed information about company finances.