Max Greenfield Impersonates John Travolta Playing Robert Shapiro

Max Greenfield Does John Travolta Doing Robert Shapiro - H 2016
Courtesy of CBS

The 'New Girl' star and father of a newborn baby also tried to mix some Travolta into Schmidt, but his director noticed.

Max Greenfield has put his hours of sleeplessness while taking care of his newborn to good use. While on The Late Show on Monday, the actor told Stephen Colbert about his tendency to do John Travolta impressions while filming The New Girl.

"We have a new baby at home and I've been tired," said Greenfield. "I decided I would do some John Travolta during takes and see if anybody noticed."

The director did, in fact, notice, telling the actor who plays Schmidt, "Max, can we do one take where you're in character please?"

Greenfield said he loves Travolta's performance as Robert Shapiro on American Crime Story: The People v. O.J. Simpson. To honor it he showed off his impression of Travolta playing Shapiro in a multilayered impersonation for Colbert — watch below.