'Catfish' Host Max Joseph on His 'Charismatic Thinker' Docu-Series: "I'm Not Pulling Any Punches"

The director and reality TV host talks about the concept of the first episode, "Dicks," and reveals the theme of the second episode.

Max Joseph, one of the creative minds behind MTV's Catfish and the director of the indie film We Are Your Friends, has teamed up with the social media app Vero to launch a new documentary series, Charistmatic Thinker.

Each episode of the series will tackle a subject or problem that can be addressed, some coming from Joseph’s own experience. Partnering with Vero, Joseph brings his philosophical narratives for app subscribers to follow and ponder and says that Vero has given him creative freedom in making this show.

"I'm a fairly neurotic person. My brain is always obsessing about some problem and picking these cap and trying to understand what is going on," Joseph told The Hollywood Reporter on why he believes that Vero acts as an online journal for thinkers like himself. "The things I'm making for Vero are very pure. They're from my point of view, and I'm not pulling any punches.”

Unafraid to "go there," Joseph’s first episode of the docu-series is titled “Dicks,” assessing whether one needs to be a “dick” in order to be a renowned leader. The premise for the episode derived from Joseph's experience directing the film We Are Your Friends.

"I was so happy to be there and happy to be on this set. I wanted to make friends with everyone and I was genuinely really like a happy go-lucky person,” said Joseph of his initial feelings of being on set.

"I realized though … as the production went on, I got less sleep and was under more stress and like things were happening and falling around me. … I got a little a little more curt and a little more direct and a little more grumpier," said Joseph. "I noticed that people were doing their jobs a little better and I was getting more of what I wanted easier by not being so nice. Once that kinda went away … being more 'dickish' was working.”

While the episode’s topic seems simple, Joseph hopes people ponder a deeper, analytical question. “The important question is do you believe in what you’re making? Can you inspire other people to believe in it too?" he said.

Sharing exclusively with THR, Joseph revealed that the second episode is set to air sometime next week and will focus on Los Angeles and dreams.