Hollywood Pays Tribute to "Legendary" Max von Sydow

Max von Sydow in 2007 - H Getty 2020
Mark Mainz/Getty Images for AFI

Seth Meyers, Mia Farrow, Kevin Smith and more took to social media on Monday to pay tribute to the late actor.

Hollywood stars and public figures took to social media on Monday to pay tribute to Max von Sydow. The acclaimed Swedish actor died on Sunday. He was 90.

The actor starred in 11 Ingmar Bergman films, including The Seventh Seal. Known for typically playing a tormented protagonist, von Sydow also appeared in The Greatest Story Ever Told (1965), The Exorcist (1973), Three Days of the Condor (1975), Never Say Never Again (1983), Minority Report (2002) and Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close (2011).

He received a best actor Oscar nomination for playing a Swedish father who emigrates to Denmark to build a better life for himself and his son in Bille August's Pelle the Conqueror (1987). The drama went on to win the Palme d'Or at Cannes and the foreign-language Oscar.

More recently, von Sydow starred as explorer Lor San Tekka in Star Wars: The Force Awakens (2015) and the Three-Eyed Raven on HBO's Game of Thrones. He received an Emmy nomination for the latter role.

Seth Meyers took to Twitter on Monday to pay tribute to von Sydow. "This was the first Max Von Sydow film I ever saw," Meyers wrote while retweeting a photo of the actor on the set of Strange Brew. "Being a kid, I just assumed he was a famous Canadian comedian. Turns out he was a lot more!"

Mia Farrow shared a photo of von Sydow during his younger years. "Here was Max Von Sydow with his dear friend, master cinematographer, Sven Nykvist. Two great artists. Two true gentlemen. We were working on Bora Bora. I picture Max in heaven wearing his white linen suit, w Sven, Ingmar Bergman, Bibi Andersson, laughing & loving each other," she captioned the photo.

Kevin Smith also remembered von Sydow on Twitter. "The legendary actor who gave us both Brewmeister Smith and Ming the Merciless has finally laid down his King in the eternal chess match," he wrote. "Farewell, Max von Sydow. You were in many much more respected movies than Strange Brew and Flash Gordon but I loved you for those flicks first."

Michael McKean reflected on von Sydow's career on Twitter. "There have been a zillion movies about revenge," the actor wrote. "Max Von Sydow shows how it’s done: straight-faced, dispassionate, efficient. The Virgin Spring was my intro to this amazing actor, then 7th Seal, Hour of the Wolf...great work, always."

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