Maximum, Seville double down

'Cairo Time,' 'Animal Kingdom' among films with deals

The twin powers of Maximum Films International and Seville Pictures have sealed a slew of deals with buyers from the Middle East across its titles.

Maximum managing director Charlotte Mickie said Sunday she has sealed several pre-sale deals for "Cairo Time" and "Animal Kingdom." Prime Pictures has picked up "Animal Kingdom" for the Middle East while Shooting Stars has taken "Cairo" for the same territories. Shooting Stars certainly likes what it sees on Maximum's sales roster and has also picked up "Broken Lines," "The Guitar" and "The Waiting Room" for the Middle East.

Maximum also is selling "Beautiful," an Australian thriller starring Peta Wilson, Debora-Lee Furness and Erick Thomson. Written and directed by Dean O'Flaherty and produced by Kent Smith And Elene Pepper, the movie details the story of two teenagers embroiled in a mystery surrounding the abduction of three teenage girls. It's market debut with Maximum, the movie has sold to Syrena for Poland.

The company also has been busy with "Mommy Is at the Hairdresser," selling it to Festival Films for Spain, Filmcoopi for Switzerland and Future Films for Scandinavian territories.

Isaan Films in Spain, Benelux's Cineart and Kino Swiat in Poland all inked deals for "The Necessities of Life," Mickie noted.

"Our new projects are getting a great reception and we have made presales. The buyers seem to love the storylines, cast, and the promising young directors," Mickie said.
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