Maya Rudolph Pokes Fun at Oprah Raving About Bread in Weight Watchers Commercial

Maya & Marty -Oprah Bread -Highlight -Screen Shot-H 2016
Courtesy of NBC

"I just slept 16 hours because I was lying in a bed made of bread."

Maya Rudolph went crazy for bread, spoofing Oprah Winfrey during a skit on Tuesday's Maya & Marty, the second episode of the season for the new NBC variety series.

Rudolph, a Saturday Night Live veteran, broke out her impression of the beloved mogul to poke fun at the recent Weight Watchers commercial in which Winfrey talks about her love of bread. 

“I love bread! I have bread every day, and on Weight Watchers' plan, it’s okay. Because I’m talking about bread, y’all,” Rudolph’s Winfrey said on the variety show, which also stars Martin Short.

The character goes on to tell people they will find bread under their seats, a reference to giveaways on Winfrey's former talk show.  

Rudolph’s Winfrey then showed off her huge bedroom of all bread and her enormous bread statues on her lawn. 

"I just slept 16 hours because I was lying in a bed made of bread. It's a bread bed, y'all," she says. 

Last week, Rudolph also revisited her Melania Trump impression. In that skit, the character was selling eatable diamonds.