L.A. Mayor Garcetti Extends Curfew for Los Angeles Amid Protests

Eric Garcetti - Mayor of Los Angeles - Publicity 3 -H 2020
Courtesy of The Mayor of Los Angeles

The curfew is from 8 p.m. to 5:30 a.m. beginning Saturday night for all of Los Angeles.

Mayor Eric Garcetti extended a curfew to all of Los Angeles amid protests against police brutality. 

The curfew required those within the city of Los Angeles to stay indoors beginning 8 p.m. Saturday until 5:30 a.m. on Sunday morning. During a press conference Sunday, Garcetti announced the curfew would extend into Monday.

"Whether you wear a badge or whether you hold a sign, I'm asking all of Los Angeles to take a deep breath and step back for a moment," Garcetti said in the conference. "To allow our firefighters to put out the flames. To allow our peace officers to reestablish some order. And, to let them protect your rights to be out there."

Saturday evening, Garcetti announced that he asked Gov. Gavin Newsom to send members of the National Guard to Los Angeles. This is a break from Garcetti's earlier statement while announcing the curfew, in which he said the National Guard would not be called, adding "this is not 1992."

Garcetti initially stated the curfew would apply to just downtown Los Angeles. The move comes after Saturday's clash in the Fairfax District between protestors LAPD officers in tactical gear, following a peaceful demonstration in Pan Pacific Park.

LAPD declared the Fairfax Avenue protest an unlawful assembly after cruisers were set on fire and other vehicles' windows were smashed. Officers shot beanbags, rubber bullets and sprayed tear gas into the crowd. 

Sunday marks another day of protests seen in Los Angeles, which are part of several across the United States against police brutality targeting African Americans. The protests follow the death of George Floyd, who prosecutors say was murdered by now-fired Minneapolis Police Officer Derek Chauvin on Monday evening.

As of Sunday afternoon, several curfews also are in effect in other cities in the L.A. area, according to local reports. They include Beverly Hills (4 p.m.-5:30 a.m.), Culver City (8 p.m.-5:30 a.m.), Pasadena (8 p.m.-5:30 a.m.), Santa Ana (10 p.m.-5:30 a.m.), Santa Monica (4 p.m.-5:30 a.m.), Torrance (8:30 p.m.-5:30 a.m.) and West Hollywood (8 p.m.-5:30 a.m.).

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