Toronto Mayor's Niece Auditions For Lingerie Football

Krista Ford, niece of Toronto mayor Rob Ford, makes first cut to play for expansion Toronto Triumph team in fantasy football league.

TORONTO – The niece of colorful Toronto mayor Rob Ford is lacing it up for the U.S.-based Lingerie Football League.

Krista Ford on Saturday made the first cut for the lacy league’s new Toronto Triumph team during local tryouts, the Toronto Star reported.

Ford comes well equipped to play full-contact football in a helmet, bra and panties, thanks to uncle Rob, who played university football and coached a local high school football team before becoming Toronto’s combative mayor last year.

“Great defensive potential. She’s a hitter. She’s got attitude, like her dad,” LFL founder Mitchell Mortaza told the Toronto Star when asked about the 19-year-old college student’s potential.

The Toronto expansion fantasy football team will compete against the Cleveland Crush, Baltimore Charm, Philadelphia Passion, Tampa Breeze and Orlando Fantasy in the U.S. eastern conference.

The first Lingerie Football League game in Toronto is set to go on September 17.