ESPN's Stephen A. Smith Interrupted on Live TV by F-Bomb Dropping McGregor Fan

Taylor Hill/Getty Images
Stephen A. Smith

The moment was live, but played off well by the network personality.

Stephen A. Smith was interrupted Saturday night on ESPN2 by a fan who hopped in front of him on live TV to say, "Fuck the Mayweathers." 

It appears the man, wearing a Boston Celtics hat, is a fan of Conor McGregor, who lost in the highly anticipated super-fight to Floyd Mayweather Jr.. 

Smith played the moment cool as his co-hosts asked if the random, F-bomb-dropping man was a friend of his. 

Mayweather's record went to a perfect 50-0 with the victory. 

After the fight, both combatants acted in a classy manner, saying they were impressed with one another's skills. 

Win or lose, both McGregor and Mayweather have plenty to be happy about as they each raked in millions thanks to the massive PPV audience. 

Still, after the bout, there were plenty of people bragging over social media that they saw the fight for free via the steaming app Periscope.