MC Hammer Launching 'Deep Search' Engine, WireDoo (Video)

MC Hammer Performance - H 2011
Taylor Hill/Getty Images

MC Hammer Performance - H 2011

The rapper and entrepreneur announced plans for a Google rival at the Web 2.0 Summit in San Francisco.

"Do we really need another search? Of course not."

This is the question and quick response MC Hammer delivered at the Web 2.0. Summit in San Francisco on Wednesday -- but that hasn't stopped him from launching a new search engine of his own.

The '90s rapper and online entrepreneur announced plans WireDoo. Described as a "deep" or "relationship" search, the service is currently in pre-beta under Hammer's Alchemist MMA.

So if we don't need another search engine, why is Hammer building one?

"You can always make things better," he said onstage. "There's always a next version."

Hammer points to the rise of Google and the latest iterations of Apple's iPhone as his rationale for launching another search. And Hammer does think WireDoo will fill a gap in the market.

He explained that this particular method of searching will connect keywords to related tropics. The more intuitive platform has been in the works at Alchemist for over two years.

Hammer is no stranger to the web. In 2008 he launched, a video sharing site for dancers, he develops iPad apps and has investments in multiple online start-ups. He even spoke about his second career during a February episode of Oprah.

Web 2.0 has made Hammer's full presentation available, but it's rather dry -- and doesn't even include a single verse of "Addams Groove."