McBride, Haley in Fox's sights

Pair on 'Target' with pilot; Margulies lifts contingency on CBS' 'Wife'

Jackie Earle Haley and Chi McBride will co-star on Fox's drama pilot "Human Target." Meanwhile, Julianna Mar- gulies has been tapped as the lead in CBS' drama "The Good Wife," lifting the contingency on the project; Erika Christensen is the first to be cast in NBC's "Parenthood"; Madchen Amick and Ryan Devlin are set as leads in ABC's comedy "The Law"; and Stuart Townsend is set to co-star on Fox's "Maggie Hill."

Additionally, Josh Hopkins has entered ABC's "Cougar Town," Tim Matheson has been cast in the CW's "Body Politic" and Andrew McCarthy has joined the CW's "Gossip Girl" spinoff.

Based on the DC comic, WBTV's "Target" centers on Christopher Chance (Mark Valley), a private security expert who assumes the identities of his clients. "Watchmen" star Haley will play Chance's information gatherer. McBride will play his business partner and friend.

"Wife," from CBS Par, is a female-driven law show about a politician's wife (Margulies) who pursues her original career as a defense attorney.

Based on the 1990s movie," UMS' "Parenthood" centers on the Braverman clan.

Christensen, repped by UTA and Brillstein, will play Julia Braverman, a go-getting corporate attorney having trouble jumping off the fast track and becoming more involved with her family.

ABC Studios/DreamWorks' "Law," starring Cedric the Entertainer, revolves around reserve police officers. Amick, repped by Gersh and Affirmative, will play a soccer mom-turned-reservist. Devlin, with Gersh and Grant Management, will play a rookie reservist.

On 20th TV's "Hill," about a brilliant surgeon with schizophrenia (Christina Cole), Townsend will play her imaginary boyfriend.

ABC Studios' comedy "Cougar Town" is about a 40-year-old newly single mom (Courteney Cox) with a teen son. Hopkins, repped by Gersh and Brillstein, plays her neighbor.

CBS Par's "Politic" is about young staffers in Washington. Matheson will play a charming, JFK-type senator.

In WBTV's "Gossip Girl" spinoff, about Lily's (Brittany Snow) teen years, McCarthy will play her father. He is repped by the Glick Agency and One Entertainment. (partialdiff)