McCain devotes $6 mil to Olympics ads

30-second primetime spot going for as much as $750,000

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NEW YORK -- A week after the Obama campaign spent $5 million on advertising during NBC's Beijing Olympics telecasts, the McCain campaign has ponied up $6 million.

It isn't clear how much McCain would be spending per spot. A primetime 30-second spot for a regular advertiser is going for as much as $750,000 each.

McCain's buy includes multiple dayparts on NBC, including primetime, as well as cable for the 2 1/2 weeks of the Olympics.

That sets up a battle between the likely Democratic and Republican nominees during the summer's biggest TV event, and well before the normal after-Labor Day intensity of the campaign. Both McCain and Obama's commercials also will run before the party nominating conventions in Denver in late August and St. Paul, Minn., in early September.

The buys by Obama and now McCain are the first national broadcast TV spots by a presidential campaign since Bob Dole bought a single national TV commercial in 1996. Most of the TV advertising, and there is still a lot of it, is done on local TV in battleground states and on cable TV.