McDonald's Portrayed as Communist State in New Taco Bell Commercial

"Circle is good, hexagon is bad," the ad says.

The battle of The Bell versus The Golden Arches continues.

In a new three-minute commercial released by Taco Bell to promote their new biscuit taco, the fast food joint pulled out all the stops and painted McDonald's as a communist state.

Viewers watch as a man wakes up in his dark and hazy bedroom to a television saying, "It's another perfect morning in the Routine Republic, where happiness is eating the same breakfast. Same breakfast, same routine."

The ad continues with "circle is good, hexagon is bad," poking fun at McDonald's' McMuffin, the hexagon representing Taco Bell's Crunchwrap Supreme. Ronald McDonald-esque clowns are portrayed as communist leaders and guards who watch people gather in the morning lines for their daily breakfast sandwich.

As the man enters the line, he makes eye contact with a girl and the two make a run for it, escaping the communist state as the clowns slide down what appear to be PlayPlace yellow slides to catch the escapees. After the pair makes it over the wall, they jump into a moat of McDonald's ball-pit balls and escape through a hole in the wall.

The two find refuge in a sunny city, where they're thrown a hexagon-shaped tortilla and watch as townspeople eat Biscuit Tacos.

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