McG is CineAsia's Filmmaker of the Year

Director-producer to receive honor in December

BEIJING -- Director-producer McG will be honored as the Kodak Filmmaker of the Year at the Dec. 11 closing night of the three-day CineAsia convention in Macau, organizers said Monday.

In May, McG wrapped principal photography on "Terminator: Salvation," starring Christian Bale, due to spotlight a war between man and machine when it's released around the world in May by Warner Bros. and Sony.

"McG is one of the most exciting, talented and respected filmmakers working in the film industry today," said Mitch Neuhauser, co-managing director of the CineAsia convention, which is set to be staged for the 14th year by the Nielsen Film Group, parent of The Hollywood Reporter.

McG's feature film directorial debut, "Charlie's Angels," was the largest-ever opening for a first-time director, debuting at No. 1 in the U.S. with more than $40 million and going on to gross more than $250 million worldwide.
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