McGruder moves beyond 'Boondocks'


Aaron McGruder is venturing outside "The Boondocks."

The creator of the hit animated series on Adult Swim has struck a new deal with another Turner Broadcasting-owned outlet, the online comedy hub Super Deluxe, to create and write a live-action series out of his shingle Partner Rumble Studio.

Beginning next month, "The Super Rumble Mixshow" will unspool over 20 mini-episodes that will mix sketch comedy and myriad other formats in keeping with McGruder's brand of racially charged humor.

McGruder is looking forward to taking on topical targets without the long lag of animation development.

"'The Boondocks' is something I'm very invested in, but there's a lot of other things that express my point of view that don't take 19-20 months," he said. "This is just opening up a whole lot of creative opportunities."

He also will lean on voice talent from "Boondocks" to fill out "Rumble," including actor John Witherspoon, who will answer viewer questions in a recurring skit dubbed "Negrology."

"I was looking at some of the talent I was working with on the show, and we all thought online would be an interesting world to get into at this time," McGruder said.

McGruder has become one of a select few TV producers testing the waters of online programming. Other recent examples include Marshall Herskovitz ("Quarterlife") and Stan Rogow ("Afterworld").

"We've been a huge admirer and fan of Aaron's work for some time now," said Drew Reifenberger, senior vp and GM of Super Deluxe. "His comedy sensibilities and unique voice are a perfect fit for Super Deluxe."

Super Deluxe has been developing a stable of known talent to fill out its site with original programming, including Bob Odenkirk, Dave Foley and Norm Macdonald.

McGruder recently completed the second season of "Boondocks" for Adult Swim. He is repped by Paradigm.