McKayla Maroney, President Obama Meet, Are Not Impressed (Photo)

McKayla Maroney President Obama H 2012
White House

The young Olympian, whose disappointed stare was caught in a candid photo that launched the summer's biggest meme, was uninspired by a White House visit Thursday.

So, what exactly does impress McKayla Maroney?

The 16-year old gymnast, along with her Olympic teammates, visited the White House on Thursday to receive congratulations from President Obama for their gold medal at this summer's London games. The President, it seems, pays attention to his pop culture.

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For a few moments in August, Maroney was the most famous Olympian in the world, thanks to a photo snapped in the wake of her falling short of a gold medal in the vault competition; her face was drenched with disappointment, her pursed mouth pushed to the side, an angry stare in her eyes. The photo captured the imagination of the internet, with blogs dedicated to spoofing the look sprouting up nearly instantly, a fun consolation prize in which she participated (and earned a TV guest spot from, too)

"I think it looks like I am," she told THR this September, of whether she really is a stern person. "Sometimes I scare myself a little bit. I'm just really focused and really serious, I guess, and I think it's really funny, that Tumblr. It makes them and me laugh all the time."

At the White House, Maroney tweeted about how awed she was by Obama's helicopter, so at the very least, we know something impresses her.