MDA updating Singapore media regs


SINGAPORE -- Singapore's Media Development Authority is revamping mass media market codes in the run-up to the launch of the country's first IPTV platform by Singapore Telecom later this year.

The revised code -- the first in three years -- will be issued toward the end of this year, the MDA's media policy director, Ling Pek Ling, said at a briefing Monday in Singapore.

One of the key changes is the extension of the MDA's power beyond broadcasting and print into other media, including film and new media.

Preventing abuse of dominance is a central focus of the new regime.

The new outline will allow the MDA to reach beyond media to crack down on any unfair leverage by media subsidiaries of significant market players in non-media environments, the MDA said.

"For example, a media player should not accept special treatment from an affiliate who owns the distribution infrastructure for carrying media services at the expense of its competitors," the MDA said in documents explaining the review.

"The revision of the Code will ensure that it remains relevant and effective in promoting fair market conduct and competition amidst the rapid changes in the Singapore media industry," Ling said.

The public consultation phase launched this morning closes May 7.

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