'Me and Earl and the Dying Girl' Trailer: Sundance Hit "Isn't a Touching Romantic Story" (Or Is It?)

Fox Searchlight is releasing the teen-centric film in select theaters on June 12.

The first trailer for Sundance sensation Me and Earl and the Dying Girl has debuted online, giving those who weren't in Park City a chance to see what all of the fuss was about.

Fox Searchlight purchased Earl after its Sundance premiere — which was followed by a five-minute standing ovation — emerging victorious in a bidding war that also included Focus Features, CBS Films, Lionsgate, A24, Miramax and The Weinstein Co. The film went on to win the grand jury prize and audience award at Sundance.

The story, which has been compared to last summer's popular young adult book-turned-hit Fox movie The Fault in Our Stars, centers around high-school senior Greg (Thomas Mann) and his friendships with Earl (RJ Cyler) and his cancer-stricken classmate Rachel (Olivia Cooke). He begins hanging out with her after his mom (Connie Britton) makes him, as he tells Rachel, and she's introduced to Earl and Greg and Earl's hobby of making bad, "stupider" versions of movies they like. Molly Shannon and Nick Offerman round out the cast of the Alfonso Gomez-Rejon-directed film.

Like TFIOS, Earl is also based on a young adult novel, but the trailer seems to make light of those comparisons.

In the preview, Greg and Rachel are hanging out in her room, when he shows her how to avoid talking to people who know she has cancer by "entering a subhuman state." After she demonstrates that, the camera zooms in on them in what looks like a dream sequence. Greg says via voiceover, "So if this was a touching, romantic story, suddenly our eyes would meet and suddenly we would be making out with the fire of a thousand suns. But this isn't a touching romantic story."

Still it seems like there's quite a bit of heart in Greg and Rachel's journey, particularly after he and Earl decide to take their practice of parodying existing movies and use it to make a film about Rachel. An emotional closing montage features Greg offering a matter-of-fact, Tale of Two Cities-inspired synopsis of his experience. "It was the best of times, worst of times; it was life," he says.

Me and Earl and the Dying Girl hits select theaters on June 12. Watch the full trailer below.