Tina Fey Teases 'Mean Girls' Musical, 'Kimmy Schmidt' Season 3 Jokes

The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon - Tina Fey -  May 10, 2017 -Getty-H 2017
Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images for NBC

The writer-actress joined her former "Weekend Update" co-host Jimmy Fallon on Wednesday's 'Tonight Show,' where the pair played a game and Fey joined the show's Ragtime Gals group.

Tina Fey joined her former "Weekend Update" co-host Jimmy Fallon on the Saturday Night Live alum's Tonight Show on Wednesday.

There, the Mean Girls writer shared some fetch info about the in-the-works musical version of the hit high-school comedy. The stage musical is set to make its world premiere Oct. 31 at D.C.'s National Theatre, as The Hollywood Reporter previously revealed. Fey said that tickets for those shows are already on sale, and she offered a special deal for former White House staffers.

"The theater's like three blocks from the White House. So you could make a little trip of it. Or if you work there and you get fired, come down, see the show. Twenty percent off if you got fired that day," Fey said.

As for the Mean Girls musical cast, Fey gushed over their singing and dancing abilities, calling them "a bunch of baby [Justin] Timberlakes."

"These kids are so talented," she said. "Everyone can do everything. They sing so loud, and they dance so hard."

Fey also talked about her two TV shows, NBC's Great News and Netflix's Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt. With respect to Great News, Fey said of cast member Nicole Richie that she'd been a fan since The Simple Life: "I was like, 'That one's funny, man. That little one understands what's happening right now.'"

As for Kimmy Schmidt, Fey teased that Amy Sedaris' character Mimi Kanasis "might get infected by implants" and that she shows up as a version of tap-dancing child star Mason Reese.

Fey said early in the season she was obsessed with a clip of the red-headed kid actor from the '70s performing on The Mike Douglas Show, so much so that she dressed up like Reese for Halloween.

"It's just the most pure, beautiful, just his little soul tap dancing," Fey said of Reese. "The writers were like, you should do that on the show."

Fallon then showed photos of Reese and Fey dressed up as him, with Fey teasing, "See if you can spot this face in episodes of Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt this year. No extra charge."

The two longtime pals also played the show's "Best Friends Challenge" game, in which they quizzed one another on Fallon's dream job, which cereal Fey would be and their favorite "Weekend Update" joke.

And Fey joined The Tonight Show's barbershop quartet, The Ragtime Gals, making it a quintet, for a performance of Bruno Mars' "That's What I Like."