Melissa McCarthy, Ryan Gosling, Zac Efron and More in Jimmy Kimmel's 10th Edition of "Mean Tweets"

Melissa McCarthy on Kimmel's Mean Tweets - H 2016

How did anyone find a mean tweet about Paul Rudd?

Jimmy Kimmel went all out for his 10th "Mean Tweets" video, this time taking down celebrities such as Paul Rudd, Melissa McCarthy, Ryan Gosling, Olivia Wilde, Judd Apatow, Zac Efron, Hugh Grant, Kiefer Sutherland and Bryan Cranston. 

Chris Evans may have enjoyed the tweet directed at him the most. The Captain America star couldn't stop laughing as he read, "Chris Evans is a stupid bearded sweater-wearing dumb dork."

Melissa McCarthy is "the Madea of white people," according to her tweet, Anthony Mackie learned that he looks like an aardvark, Judd Apatow has "ruined manhood" and Bryan Cranston's reading even came with a Jim Carrey-Matthew McConaughey impersonation. 

Ryan Gosling, however, had an answer for his insult. "Why does Ryan Gosling always look like he's trying to squeeze a fart out without it making any noise?" His response: "Because I'm a gentleman." 

Twitter users even found a way to poke fun at Paul Rudd, who is called "the most boring vanilla dude. You know he just sits at home with his wife having a bland spaghetti dinner talking about his day." 

See the rest of the "Mean Tweets" below.