'Measuring The World' Film Gets Funding Boost

3D adaptation of Daniel Kehlmann's best-seller secures $867,000 in backing from German Film Board.

COLOGNE, Germany - Detlev Buck's adaptation of Daniel Kehlmann's global best-seller Measuring The World has received $867,000 (€600,000) in production subsidies from the German Film Board. The feature, which will be shot in 3D, is loosely based on the lives of 19th century explorer Alexander von Humboldt and his contemporary, the brilliant mathematician and curmudgeon Carl Friedrich Gauss.

Measuring The World previously picked up $1.3 million in backing from the Berlin-Brandenburg Medienboard. The German Film Board also got behind the latest feature from controversial auteur Oskar Roehler (Jew Suss - Rise and Fall), putting up €500,000 towards his latest,the family epic Die Quellen des Lebens (The Sources of Life) and signed over another €500,000 in backing for Huck Finn, a German-language version of the Mark Twain classic, which director Hermine Huntgeburth will adapt.