Media 8 taking 'Eichmann' to Cannes


TORONTO -- Canadian producer Media 8 Entertainment on Friday said it has added the biopic "Eichmann," starring Thomas Kretschmann, to its Cannes slate.

Montreal-based Media 8 said it picked up the international distribution rights to the $6 million historical drama from British producer E-Motion and will begin shopping the movie at the Cannes film market.

Directed by Robert Young ("Young Indiana Jones Chronicles"), "Eichmann" features Kretschmann as Adolf Eichmann, the infamous German SS officer, as he's interrogated ahead of his execution in Israel by a young Israeli police officer, played by Troy Garity ("After the Sunset").

Also starring are Franka Potente and Stephen Fry.

Production credits on "Eichmann," which was shot on location in Hungary, go to Peter Bevan, Jozsef Cirko and Michael Frenschkowski.