Mediaset acquires Cecchi Gori film library

Archives include pics from Zampa, Salce and Scola

ROME – Mediaset, the broadcast giant controlled by Italian media tycoon-turned prime minister, Silvio Berlusconi, has acquired rights to the Cecchi Gori film library of more than 500 films for a reported 17.5 million euro ($21.7 million).
The sale helps relieve some of the pressure on beleaguered Italian producer Vittorio Cecchi Gori, while significantly adding to the depth of Mediaset's film archive, which now includes films from noted directors including Luigi Zampa, Luciano Salce, Ettore Scola, Gianni Amelio, Marco Risi and Paolo Virzi
Cecchi Gori began shopping around the film library in 2008, originally estimating its worth at more that twice the price he was paid. In 2008, he told The Hollywood Reporter the library would net at least 40 million euro ($49.6 million).
Cecchi Gori's office did not return calls seeking comment, while Mediaset in a statement said, "Mediaset will make it possible for a substantial part of Italy's most important film heritage to become once again available to a mass audience."